Sunday, 24 January 2010

Can the weekends please stop going so fast?

Given my penchant for letters, I was so happy to read that something like this exists. Mysterious Letters is a collaboration between two artists, Lenka Clayton and Michael Crowe. Last year, they sent a personal, handwritten letter to each of the four hundred and sixty seven households in the small Irish seaside town of Cushendall. No two letters were the same, the only commonality they shared was that they were positive in spirit. The artists hoped that such letters would encourage neighbourly discussion, which in turn would lead to community curiosity. This is the first chapter in an ongoing project; the artists eventual aim is to write a personal handwritten letter to every household in the world.

Letters are my pleasure treasure. I like so many things about them; I like the friendliness of letters. I think that there is something quite beautiful about seeing one's handwriting for the first time. It feels quite intimate these days to be able to recognize somebody's handwriting. Yes, I like this project so much. <3 You can have a peek at the rest of the letters here
It even made the national news. Lookie
Some peoples' reactions did sadden me a bit though. Surely there is nothing more lovely than a letter in the post? I think I would feel more intrigued than frightened.


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  1. Perhaps you would enjoy 'etegami'? Take a look at this blog, I find her work so charming!