Thursday, 22 April 2010

Fashion show

Last weekend, I took part in a fashion show for Ichirou, a friend of mine who cuts my hair for free, a woo! Surprisingly, it was actually a very interesting cultural experience; around fifty or so girls modelled at the event, with myself and Tamara being the only Western girls.

The Japanese models were styled in a very demure kind of way; pastel shades, soft curls, ethereal looking dresses, whilst Tamara and I looked the complete opposite of the cutesies. My makeup was very bold and smokey (and incidentally, not really the right kind for my skin tone. Days later, my poor skin is still suffering, as a result of the make up being piled on like polyfiller gah!), my hair tightly pulled back with lots of back combing, and my clothes would have been almost provocative had it not been for my big feet which unintentionally saved me! None of the high heels would fit me so embarrassingly, I had to make do with a pair of MC Hammer style mens' shoes.

Lots of my students were there and it took them a little while to realise that it was me beneath the mask and witchy hair. Post realisation = the usual shrieking ensued.
I had a good time and it was really fun to have somebody as laid back as Tamara with me. I also had a really amusing experience afterwards when I popped into my local supermarket with said runway hair and makeup. The poor little cashier was mortified when he saw the witchy looking foreign girl with the MC Hammer trainers.

Things have been a bit shakey again lately, but a Wednesday night tea session and just a few minutes ago, being enthusiastically accosted by my rowdy Josei students in the supermarket and then seeing them being told off by the security guard for being too noisy (to whom they took no notice of whatsoever - I truly love that school) have cheered me up no end. Tomorrow, I will have dinner at a nice cafe here called Bubucane and pretend that I am dining at a chic city cafe for a couple of hours hehe. Oh countryside living...



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