Monday, 24 May 2010

Green tea and apples

At the weekend, lovely Vivian persuaded me to take an impulse trip to Kyoto to join her, Maman Morelli and Maman Morelli's friend. I was so happy to be back in Kyoto for a third time; it is such a beautiful, elegant, sophisticated city, and somewhere that I would love to live for a while.

This is apparently the most beautiful street in Asia...

This was my third time to visit Kyoto, so I was happy to potter around and revisit my favourite spots. Kyoto is a very peaceful city and good for walking. Vivian and I took a walk along the Path of Philosophy and stumbled across this beautiful little cafe, Cafe Pomme, owned by the most endearing husband and wife. Mrs. Pomme is the baker (who sells all sorts of baked goodness from a little booth), whilst Mr. Pomme is the waiter; they make the cutest team! Mrs. Pomme hails from Takamatsu, which Mr. Pomme got very excited by....this meant free cake for Vivian and I...

The Pommes!

Later that evening,we met our fellow Kagawa resident, Danny...

...walked down Pontocho, which was lined with these beautiful bird lanterns...

...before having an impromptu sweets party (courtesy of Starbucks) down by the river.

Kyoto's neighbouring city, Osaka definitely claims the crown for nightlife in the Kansai area, but we were pleasantly surprised by Kyoto's small but lively hub night time activity. Vivian and I with our J boys!

We stayed out late, eating things we weren't hungry for, running away from persistent strangers, swooning at the preppy Kyoto boys and watching the taxis with the hearts go by.

After catching only a few zzzzs, we awoke to a rainy Kyoto Sunday, and spent the afternoon stocking up on green tea sweet supplies and having impromptu photo shoots with all of our edible treasures. (country bumpkins are easily entertained)

In Kyoto, the green tea flavoured treats are more abundant, the people more refined, the trees greener and more plentiful. Kyoto captures and magnifies everything I love about Japan. I love impulse trips and I love Kyoto.


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  1. Oh, Isabel, it was the BEST!! Thanks for coming along... I enjoyed reading your version of it so much!!! xoxoxo